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# What i am reading
last updated 19th january 2023
Just what i (am) read(ing)... (since 2021)
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* Jenseits von Gut und Böse, _Michael Schmidt-Salomon_
* Mehr Rationalität, _Steven Pinker_
* Think Again, _Adam M. Grant_
* how emotions are made, _Lisa Feldman Barrett_

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# How was this site made?
last updated 2nd of january 2023
Pretty simple, with my own hands. There is no CMS, Databases, etc. just simple HTML, Markup and Magic thanks to [Hugo](
There is a website obesity crisis. Bloated websites full of scripts, ads, and trackers are slowing your readers down every time they try to read your well-crafted content.

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# uses
Last Updated 19th of January 2023
inspired by other people doing this and from [uses this]( - i like to read about what tools other people use to go through their day.
So here i will list what tools and technologies i use (hardware & software & services).
## hardware
my daily work is done on a 2020 mac book pro 13 inch with 1.4 ghz quad core intel and 8 gb ram. it was the low range model back then but it works fine for me.
i also use a windows workstation at work for some documentation.
my daily driver in a pocket is my iphone 13 mini with 128 gb. i love the formfactor and i hate the fact that apple probably will not continue the mini version.
on my left wrist rests the apple watch series 7 gps in 41mm. i have small arms and the bigger version just looks bulky. i like the smaller one a lot.
from time to time i like to sketch or write some notes down - for that i have the ipad mini from 2022. i love this thing. everything is getting bigger and bigger. i like the small things 😁
## software
i use a lot of apps for many things. but my work is done in lexware, plancraft, sublime text, git, and some other stuff.

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